Bigg Boss 12: 19 October 2018 | Day 34 | Episode 33 | Latest Updates

The ‘Sensational News’ Task in the house of Big Boss 12 is going to continue. During this time, knowing the questions and their answers, there will be a sense of humor in the house. Deepak Thakur will laughing his head on the table. At the same time, Sreesanth will not be left behind by enjoying the situation.

The task of ‘sensational news’ will be seen on the screen, ‘The girl who liked me at first sight, actually got a boy out and this happened not once but many times.’

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After watching the news, the villagers will laugh and laugh. After this the introduction of the names of the contests will start playing. That would not be a serious opportunity for family members to pull each other’s legs.

Karanveer Bohra will take the name of Anoop Jalota for the news. Deepak Thakur will laugh and say that the Big Boss has opened his eyes. They have now realized that they are living with whom. Not only this, the lamp will also demand a single bed. Sreesanth will also say that what God is going to see.

The second news which will be seen on the TV screen in Big Boss’s house will be: ‘During college, I had a deep connection with two people at a time.’ After this news, Deepak and Shwashish will again start inquiries from their families and start finding the right answers. This news will also cause a sense of humor in the house, but will be a headache for the lamp and the Shivaishisha fighting in the captive Task.