Bigg Boss 12 News- Saba Khan And Srishty Fight In Task

Bigg Boss keeps the interest of twists and turns shows coming in the day. In the show shown on the last day, Big Boss appeared with another twist. The show was awaited only in the middle of the week.

In which the members of Karanvir Vohra, Neha Pendse and Sreesanth had to vote against a single contender. In this aviation, Sreesanth was kept out of the house but not in the Secret Room. As soon as it was finished, the announcement of the termination of the post of Captain Rumil and Surabhi Rana was announced.

Saba Khan and Srishty fighting with each other

Saba Khan and Srishty fighting with each other

Bigg Boss Announces New Tasks to Choose New Captaincy. This Task is between Srishti and Khan Sisters. During the Captain Task, there is a lot of energy in Saba-Srishti. Saba Khan and Srishti Rode seem to be a scramble to win the task. After this, Srishti Rode himself closes in the bathroom crying.

Deepika, after that, seems to understand the task of Srishti Rode. On the other hand, Surabhi Rana looks like a separate baby. After this, Big Boss asks about Deepika’s accident. After this Big Boss eliminates Captive Task. Saba Khan and Srishti Rode have never announced their intention to become captains. Talking to Karanveer Deepika says that the mistake is that of Srishti Rode.