Neha Pendse Talks About Dipika Kakkar After Coming Out From BB 12 House

There were three contests nominated this week in Big Boss 12: Sreesanth, Karanveer Bohra and Neha Pendse. During the Mid Week Eviction, Sreesanth was sent to the Secret Room. After which the name of Karanveer Bohra and Neha Pendse was to go out of the house

Neha Pendse was shown the exit route because of the lowest vote in the house in the Weekend War episode. While living in Big Boss, Neha did not show anything special. It was believed that he did all the work in Deepika’s underwear. Not only during captivity, he used to take all the decisions after asking Deepika.

Now that Neha has come out of the house, one by one, she is covering the entire state. Talking to a channel, Neha said about Deepika: ‘I was close to Deepika in the house, but living in the house of Big Boss, I learned that one should not blindly trust the person.’

Neha Pendse said that “I love Deepika very much because perhaps I could not recognize them.” Everyone in the house called him Double Face, but after coming out of the house he heard similar things about him. Now I am feeling that I could not identify Deepika. ‘

According to media reports, one of the reasons for Neha to get out of the house is his huge fee. Neha was charging 20 lakhs a week, but she could not seem to do anything in the house, so that the makers could give her more money, so the show makers took this decision to see Neha’s weak performance.