OMG!! Karanvir Bohra & Sreesanth Fight Against Romil and Surbhi Rana

Bigg Boss Season 12 has been a big buzz. Khan Sisters had already kept the wall in the house, now the atmosphere of the house has worsened due to the arrival of Surbhi Rana. Recently a promo video has been seen, in which Karanveer and Shrinesh are seen fighting with Surabhi Rana and Romil.

A video has been uploaded to the Voot app, in which fight is being fought between celebrity and partner. The video shows that Sreesanth, Neha, and Karanveer are present in Kalakothri. Karanveer and Sreesanth are saying to the households that Captain has made a big mistake, but both the Captains do not even know about this.

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That is why Sreesanth says that if there is any right to the punishment of the dungeon, then it is a Romil and Surbhi. At the behest of Karanveer and Sreesanth, when he talks about his mistake with ‘Big Boss’, Karanveer puts him in the middle and says that you have put an innocent person in the dungeon without any reason. At the same time, Sreesanth says that whatever you have done is a big mistake.

It has been shown in the video that there is a tremendous quarrel with Sreesanth’s Romil and Surabhi. Sreesanth asks Romil to open the door of the dungeon immediately. Tired of being angry, Sreesanth takes off the mic and closes in the bathroom. Let us tell you, the episode of the telecast episode will be shown on Friday that Captain Task Romil and Surabhi will win.

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