OMG!! Surbhi & Deepak have a fight over Captaincy

In the November 13 episode of the Big Boss, Task was started for the Captaincy. Whenever it comes to captaincy, everyone seems to have a direct path to avoiding this nomination. Because of this, there is a lot of conflict for this task. Now in the episode of yesterday, something similar was seen. The effect of tomorrow’s ruckus will still be seen.

You will see that there will be a quarrel over the claim of Captaincy in the Surabhi and the lamp. Perhaps Deepak is asking Surabhi to leave the claim. This is Surbhi slogan and says that she has left captaincy many times and this time she is not in the mood to make such a sacrifice. In summer, when Deepak and Surbhi is called as selfish, Surabhi feels bad. Surab starts weeping and says that she is no longer a member of Happy Club.

On the other hand, when others say that, Surabhi says, other people are happy. Because they are also very troubled by the solidarity of Happy Club members. Let the Happy Club have Deepak, Romil, Surbhi and Somi. Watching Surbhi crying, Shivashish comes to the camera and says that Happy Club has now become an unhappy club. Now if this friendship is really broken down, then it can get a great benefit to others. Because all members of Happy Club are quite strong.