Wow! Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry- Another Contestant is Coming (Check Who?)

In the Big Boss 12 show going on in TRP day by day, show makers are trying hard to make new tempers again and again. If you are sending contests in a secret room, then you are saving the beauty of the show by calling Bollywood stars and dancers at the show. Previously, outwit contestant Surbhi Rana was brought home through a wildcard entry in the show and now there is the talk of another wild card entry … so let’s know who this person is ..

Wild Card entry in Bigg Boss 12

Wild Card entry in Bigg Boss 12

Let the show be a month, and in the meantime, a common pair and two single contests have become homeless. In this, Neha Pendse and Nirmal Singh have been eliminated with the Kriti-Roshami duo. Neha was out of the show in the show last weekend.

But show makers once again make a big decision, talking about wild card entry in the show. On Colors’ Twitter Handle, a teaser has also been posted on wild card entry. But it is not clear who is coming home at home through wild card entry.

Meanwhile, at the Twitter handle of Colors, users have once again been homeless, demanding Neha Pendse’s return to home. But show makers has taken Neha out of the house for not doing anything in the house. He was definitely taking 20 lakh rupees a week, but something was not able to do anything in the show.

In the end, let’s say that new buggies are being adopted in the Big Boss which will increase the TRP of the show. In order to bring a shocking twist in the house, he has given an entry in the house by returning Anup and Sreesanth from the Secret Room, from which a large organisms are created in the house and now all the contests are playing together rather than in pairs.