Anup Jalota Revealed Bigg Boss scripted And His Relation With Jasleen

The Big Boss season 12 has started more than a month. Big boss makers are bringing new twists to increase the TRP of the show. This time the Big Boss was surprised by the double aviation in the weekend. Anoop Jalota and Saba Khan were discharged this week from the show.

Srishti and Surabhi have become safer this time. As long as Anup Jalota was in the house, Jasleen and his relation were being discussed. Now when Anup Jalota came out of the house, the first question was asked about his relation. Then Anoop made some shocking revelations.

Anoop told that there is no relationship between him and Jasleen. For the last three and a half years, the date of making a date is also false. Anoop claimed to be the script of the Big Boss. Due to the script, Jasleen told in the show that he is dating Anoop for 3 years.

Anup Jalota said, “Jasleen first got this show offer. Jasleen contacted me and told me that the offer of Big Boss has come. But, he is looking for the couple. Will you run in the show as my partner I did not have time, so I refused. ‘

After this, Jasleen’s father, Kaiser, called me home. Saffron is my good friend. They persuaded me to walk in the Big Boss house with Jasleen. I repeatedly told him I got ready. Before going to the show, we decided that we would become a disciple and go inside the house. ‘

Anup Jalota further says, “The show’s makers called Jaslyn 6 days before the premiere. We did not have any conversations on the premiere day. When I reached the premiere on September 15, I told in the show that Jasleen is my student. But Jasleen came and said that we are both in relationship. ‘

‘I was also shocked to hear this. Maybe 6 days ago, the makers understood that Jasleen would have extinguished and said that our show will not run from the Guru-Disciple Relation. On their say, Jasleen came to the premiere and told a false story of our relation. My family members and friends were also surprised. My family does not even know Jaslene.

Anoop Jalota also disclosed that it was also a plan to go to a date in Big Boss’s house. In addition, after the nomination and in the Secret, the resentment that he showed in relation to Jasleen was all done under the script. This disclosure of Anoop Jalota shows that the full show of Big Boss is scripted. It is very difficult to find out what is true and what lies.