OMG!! These Contestants are not going to Finale (Check Now)

The end of the most popular TV reality shows Big Boss 12 has come to an end. The shows final is now only two weeks left. In such a situation, the mercury of the house has become hotter than it needed. For the past two months, they were making friends in the house and now they are blaming the friends for winning the show. So tonight in the December 13 episode this is going to look something like this …

Once again in the house, a period of accusation has started. Not every contestant is back in counting each other’s drawbacks. According to today’s episode, a question is asked by the contestants in which they are not accepting any other contests as a trophy, and they are also explaining the reason.

In this period of questions, when asked to Deepak, who is worthy of going to the finals, Deepak Thakur took the name of Sreeshant from Takhak. Deepak said that Deepika has masked a playmate as a contender. At the same time, Romil has been told as much more confident as well. But Deepika has described the TV star Karanveer Bohra as a fak contestant.

Overall, it is being decided by families that who should be the winner of the show? At the same time, according to our reports, at this delicate juncture of the house, Sreesanth has been chosen as captain for this week and during the final round, Romil Chaudhary, Rohit, and Deepak Thakur have been considered as eligible for the duration of the dunMaybeMay be heavy to win.

In the end, let’s say that Somi Khan, one of the Khan Sisters in this task of accusations, has been asked to reach the Big Boss’s journey because of his friends at home. They have accused them of not doing the task and also said they have no winner’s quality.