Bigg Boss 12 Latest News | Episode 62 | Day 61 [Updates]

Bigg Boss 12 was in trouble, it was a huge day for all the people. Actually this time the Big Boss became more angry with the villagers. Even before this, the Big Boss has repeatedly set up homeless classes to ignore the rules. Today, after crossing the limits of Shivashish, the Big Boss went to Tamatma and gave punishment to all the contestants, who had no hope.

Today, every day, many people awake from the night. Sreesanth is sleeping and the captain of the house is awakened. On this Mr Govt worsens on them. Alarm also rings for this. Rohit tries to celebrate the annoyed creation during Task. They leave sorry letters down their pillows.

They also meet the creator and speak them again and again. Creed is considered. The Big Boss asks for the names of three members to send from Rumi to the dungeon. For this, family members can get advice. Romil seeks all the advice. Sreesanth is seen fluttering during this period too. Rummy first gives tickets to Megha. Megha complains that she did not get a chance to defend herself. Megha jail goes away.

When the name of Surabhi comes, it also flows on the households. After that he starts crying. She constantly keeps screaming in the house. After all this rumor, Rumi takes the name of Surabhi and takes Shivaashish. Shivasisha refuses to go to the dungeon directly. Meanwhile, Surbhi constantly screams that they should be sent to the dungeon.

Romil decides his decision and says that he is sending the prison to Jail. Bigg Boss warns that they should obey the captain when the Shivaishish is denied. After this, all the villagers ask Shivshish to go to jail. Meanwhile, there is a debate between Shiva and Somi.

After this, Big Boss talks to the family. He is very angry with his family and says that the people of the house are not respecting him. After this, as the Big Boss punishes everyone, apart from Captain Romil, everyone renounces the dungeon after nominating them and asks me to release Megha to become homeless from home.

All the people talk about the behavior of Shivashish. Shivashish weeps in front of Sreesanth alone and says that he has to go home. Sage Sansant explains to them.
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