Bigg Boss 12 Latest News- These Common Contestants Will Definitely Reach In Finals

The breakdown of the pair in the house of Big Boss 12 has gone astray. All in the house are now playing games for themselves. All are working hard to become a winner of Big Boss 12. The winner in the Big Boss is elected on the basis of the public vote. Less voting gets homeless from home, but the other truth is that people living in the house can not hide their real face more often than the public. To become the winner of Big Boss, it is important to have a complete package at home.

We are talking about Bihar’s Comrade Deepak Thakur. Deepak, who had signed the duo with his partner Urvashi Vani, had been friends through Facebook. Let’s tell that Deepak and Urvashi, who have joined as a couple in the house, are now separated, both of them are playing games in their own way, but in the meantime, Deepak has started to be a strong contender of Top 5.

It is said that every member of Deepak’s house has been fighting and galloping, but the lamp gets mixed again the next day by removing all gills. Deepak has been seen fighting with Romil, Shivashish, Srishnath, Deepika, Saba-Sumi and other members of the house, but after a sorry, they get dissolved again.

Let me tell you that in the house of Big Boss, there is no reason to be scared, and there is one thing that you can never forget. Deepak’s tuneful voice, Deepak wrote songs for Big Boss, Salman Khan, and Sreesanth and also entertained the audience with those songs. Along with the voice of Deepak, his Sense of Humor is also spreading people.

The typical feature inside Deepak Thakur is that he himself composes himself as a composer. They sing and sing any song in minutes. Deepak had sung a song for the people of Bihar, which people like quite a lot. Please tell that Deepak Thakur sang “Furstio no Morea” in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. Not only that, but he has also sung in the recent movie Mukka Baj. Deepak had said that he had sent thousands of messages to Salman Khan on Instagram, after the first episode of Bigg Boss’s meeting with Salman Khan.