Bigg Boss 12- Romil Chaudhary May Be Nominated!! (Latest Update)

In the last nominations of Bigg Boss 12, the nominated sword has been hanging on all the people except Surabhi Rana. Because there are only a few days left for the end of the show and in such a scenario the winner of the weekend can see double auction once again. After which the Top Contestants Show will save for Finale. But Romil Chaudhary is just stuck on his insistence that he will win this show.

Tickets to Finale’s race has become even faster. Contestants are being bitten to win in every situation. A fire brigade car was kept in the garden area of the house in the Task on Monday. From time to time, the Bigg Boss played a horn and after all the contestants had to make a cross mark on the photo of a member or by destroying them by mutual consent. The consent of any member whose photo will be selected will be homeless from home.

So far, in this task, Romil Chaudhary, who has been nominated as the nominee of Somi Khan, Karanveer Bohra, Sreesanth and the biggest win in the house, has been nominated. Any one of these solid members who has been nominated will have to go out. But the game does not end here. After the end of the task, Surbhi has become nominally left without Rana.

Let us tell you that the lawyer who came to the show, lawyer Rumil Chaudhary was considered to be the strong contests of the house from the beginning. Through the show, his loved ones were so much that they used to vote and save them. But now the situation is that the audience’s anger at the participants, now they are looking forward to the finale race.

In the end, let me tell you that the Big Boss Finale is being expected on December 30. Because Rumil had disclosed that now 10 days remain in his house. Surbhi has reached the final. But standing on the threshold of homelessness still is not leaving the insistence of their victory.