Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar and Occultism in the house

Most Popular TV reality show Big Boss is getting exciting 12 days a day. Between the contests in the house, the show is going to look a little fun. But in the meantime, the consciousness of all the households was blown away when there was no magic spell in the house. Let me tell you that the lemon cut into the Big Boss house was found which first saw Deepika Kakkar’s senses …

As soon as Deepika saw the chopped lemons, she immediately ran to the family and told everyone that someone has made a tattoo there. When the rest of the family saw this, everyone sensed. Even the show’s mastermind Rumil Chaudhary did not show any courage to touch it.

Now the whole house is living in the shadow of fear, thinking about who has done this job. Let me tell you that Big Boss had called Megha in the Secret Room and talked to him about all this. The Big Boss from Megha said that after laying everyone’s bed, after putting the needle in half of the lemon, putting the needle in it is in the corner of the house and it is to convince the householders that there is a black magic shade in the house.

It is worth mentioning that today is a battle of the weekend and in the show, Salman Khan will once again be seen taking everyone’s class. But Salman’s war will be the highest on Sreesanth. Because in Panchayat Task, all the limits were crossed in Sreesanth and Surabhi. In the last episode, Sreesanth had said that Surabhi is one of those girls standing next to the railway station after 11 o’clock.

Let me tell you that Megha Dhada, Jasleen Matharu, Deepak Thakur, Deepika Kakkar and Rumil Chaudhary have been nominated to be homeless this week. But according to The Khabri, no nominated contestants will be left out of the house this week.