Bigg Boss Played Mind Game: Send Rohit, Jasleen, & Megha in the BB Jail

Every day’s journey is becoming extremely difficult for the members present in TV reality show Big Boss 12. All members present in Bigg Boss house are playing new games every day, while members of the house have become enemies of each other. The second and middle tweets of Big Boss are also spoiling the game of these households.

Before the wacked battle, Big Boss, with mutual consent, asked members of the house to select three members to be sent to jail. Meanwhile, there was a lot of ruckus in the house to choose the prison sentence. This time members present in the house were to choose the prison characters through a pitcher’s task. During this time, the villagers chose Megha, Jasleen and Deepika to get the jail sentence. While selecting the characters of the prison sentence, Jasleen was surprised and Deepika was also sent to jail for a weak reason.

There was a lot of flurry in the house of the villagers when they went to Jasleen and Deepika Prison. Meanwhile, Big Boss, while playing a big game with Rohit, punished him for stealing the Apzi Phij and punished him for jail. Meanwhile, Surabhi has corrected her mistake and removed Deepika from jail and sent Rohit to her place.

Prior to the jail sentence, there was once again a mouth-to-face discussion between Deepak and Sreesanth. Deepika Kakad with Sreesanth was also involved in debating Deepak. During the Breaking News Task, sandal looming lamp is a big bigger by Megha. Seeing this behavior of Big Boss, Big Boss has given him big punishment. The Big Boss has nominated him to be homeless from the house directly for next week in view of his poor behavior.

Altogether this week, Big Boss’s prison sentence was given to Jasleen, Rohit and Megha. Let us say that this week there have been seven contests nominations for homelessness from home including Deepak, Megha, Karanveer, Deepika, Rohit, Srishti and Jasleen. But Rohit is expected to get out of this situation.