Why Harbhajan Singh Slapped Sree- Sreesanth Biggest Disclosed On BB Show

Cricketer Sreesanth has played a big role in Bigg Boss 12. He is constantly being successful in collecting headlines for his exploits. Sreesanth is not only raising controversy in the house of Big Boss, but has also been outdating his disputes even outside the house. He has come here to improve his image, in this way Sreesanth revealed a dispute related to himself.

Indeed, in the first season of the IPL in 2008, there was a fierce fight between Sreesanth and cricketer Harbhajan Singh. During a match, Sreesanth started crying, angry Harbhajan Singh gave him a slap. After the incident, Sreesanth only started crying on the field. At that time, this news had given a lot of headlines. After this incident, Harbhajan was banned for 11 matches. They told him a great mistake of his career.

In the house of Big Boss, Sreesanth has been talking about cricket from time to time. Now for the first time, he broke the silence on this “slap” in the show. Talking to Surabhi Rana, Sreesanth mentioned it and said, “Today I want to tell the truth of this whole incident.”

Sreesanth further says, ‘Yes, I was very excited, I believe this. I tell you what happened during that time. After the match, I turned towards Harbhajan Singh to join hands. On the other hand, Harbhajan Singh laughs instead of shaking hands on the cheek with reverse hands. While the slap is hit with a straight hand, it can not be called slap.

In this promo video of Big Boss, for the time being, Sreesanth can be heard saying so much. What they say next to it, it will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Earlier, during the luxury budget task, Sreesanth’s team had to face defeat.