Check Fast Who Will Nominate This Week!!

In TV’s most controversial reality show Big Boss, every day the game and the task are becoming more difficult than before. The nomination on every Monday thereby increases the beats of all the members present in the house. At the Big Boss house where all members are playing their own strategy, the nomination of this time can spoil many members’ tactics.

Yes, this week, going to be in the Big Boss house, the nomination can surprise many families and their fences. Talk about the nominations process, then in this nomination today, the nomination will be nominated by the family members sitting on a jai-veeru bike in the film ‘Sholay’. The special thing is that during the nomination the examination of the friendship of the members present in the house will also be seen.

On Jaa-Viru’s bike where one of Deepak and Somi will have to be nominated in this week’s Big Boss house, while Surbhi and Sreesanth also try to save themselves by sitting on this bike. Deepika Kakkar and Megha will also request to not nominate each other. One of the pairs of Shivshis and Rohit will have to be nominated this week.

The special point in the nomination of this time is that Karan Veer Singh has escaped from the nomination this week as a Captain of the house. On the other hand, Rumil Chaudhary had acquired immunity through a task on Sunday last. Because of this, he has escaped from being homeless in this time of Big Boss’s house, but the nomination for other members is going to be quite difficult.

To be seen this week, one member of Deepak-Somi, Srishnath-Surabhi, Shivshish-Rohit, Deepika-Megha and Jasleen-Srishti Rode will be nominated for being homeless from the Big Boss house. Let me tell you that no one has been homeless since the last week due to Diwali Week, but this time it is decided to leave one or two from the house.