Deepak Thakur gets 3 films offers after BB season 12

Though the ‘Big Boss 12’ trophy could not win Deepak Thakur, but of course, he has captured the hearts of people in 105 days. The evidence was found when Deepak Thakur returned to normal life after finale. After ‘Bigg Boss’, Deepak Thakur has become special from the mango, then only 4 days after the show ends, Deepak’s bag is filled with offers.

Deepak Thakur has got ‘Danger player Season 10’ as the finale of ‘Big Boss Season 12’ is over, and he has got offers of three big films. Deepak was a contender of ‘Big Boss’, Karanveer Bohra offered to sing in his film production house. The name of this movie is ‘us tumse pyaar so’. The hero of this movie is himself Karanveer.

In addition to Karanveer Bohra, Sreesanth’s wife Bhubaneswari has also offered Deepak to work in the film. Apart from this, Dhawan has also been offered the lamp to the production house. Apart from this, Deepak also has the next season of reality show. In such a situation, it is clear that the contestants from all the 13 contestants of Bigg Boss have the most benefit, Deepak Thakur is the only one.

You can imagine the popularity of Deepak Thakur that people are desperate to get a glimpse of them. Deepak has reached his village and is meeting everyone. He is singing songs to his friends all over the village and he is also spending time with the family. Let me tell you, Deepak Thakur was one of the 3 finalist of ‘Big Boss Season 12’.

Deepak Thakur was out of the finale race of Rs 20 lakh. Deepka Kakad won the Big Boss Season 12 trophy while Sreesanth was second. Sreesanth’s wife Bhubaneswarwi and Shilpa Shinde were seen in the party while Deepika Kakkad’s house was strongly welcomed. It is being said that Sreesanth has given his three pairs shoes to the lamp as a gift. These shoes are being priced at 3 lakh 90 thousand.