Karan Johar asked BB 12 winner name- Salman Khan’s Reaction on it!

Bigg Boss 12 is also going to end in TV’s most popular reality show with the year 2018. Tonight is the final episode of the show, as well as the winner of season 12, will be announced. Meanwhile, Salman Khan has talked about the winner in the show from filmmaker Karan Johar. The viewers are quite excited about the winner of the show.

Like millions of viewers in the media, Karan Johar wants to know the winner of Bigg Boss 12 too. You know, in a video shown before the show on Saturday, Karan Johar asks Salman Khan about the winner of the Big Boss 12 on the phone. He says that who will become the winner of Bigg Boss .. ?? He said that his mother also wants to know this.

Salman Khan gave a very funny answer to this question of Karan Johar. Salman said, “I swear by the heads of Karan Johar’s children, I do not know who is going to be a winner.” Salman said – The fans and the voters will decide who is Winner. According to reports in the media, Karanveer Bohra and Rumil Chaudhary are out of the race of Big Boss winner in the Top 5 Contestants.

According to the Twitter handle ‘The Khabri’, which gives the exclusive news of Big Boss’s house, Karanveer Bohra and Rumil Chaudhary have been out of the Big Boss winner race in the Top 5 Contestants. According to ‘The Khabri’, Big Boss has reached Deepika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur and Sreesanth in Top 3 Contestants of Season 12.

Let us tell you that at the last stop of the show, Surabhi Rana was surprised by the audience through the Midweek aviation. Going out of Surabhi, there was a reversal in the show. While on the show, Surabhi also did many tasks and due to her quarrelsome style, she had made a lot of headlines.