OMG!!! Another Breakup- Urvashi Broke Her Relationship With Deepak (Check Why?)

Another controversial home became homeless during this weekend of Big Boss Season 12. This contention was Urvashi Sharma. Urvashi reached the show with her partner Deepak as a pair. This time there was a slight change in the process of homelessness from home. This week, the family members had to choose the same contestant who wanted to do homeless.

Among those who named Urvashi for being out of the house, Deepak was also involved. After being out, Urvashi talked to several media channels. Urvashi told why the villagers put him out of the house. Urvashi said, ‘It was a big mistake for me to speak less. I used to speak less, but when I spoke I used to speak very well. ‘

‘Only me have brought people on this stage. Deepak suppresses the name of others. My Journey was very good during the house. I have been able to show people that from this house people are talking about reality. From the very first day I remained the same. ‘ Among them Urvashi told Deepak his enemies.

Urvashi says, “Deepak is now my biggest enemy. I do not want to see their face outside the house. They did not accompany me at home, so what will they give out now? ‘ Let us tell that Urvashi was forced to work through the task. Deepak, Romil, Surbhi, Deepak, and Karan took Urvashi’s name.

Romil took the name of Jasleen. Sreesanth took the name of Megha. Urvashi gets emotional when going out of the house. Deepika explains them Let us know that this time Bharti Singh comes in the house and tears up the romance. On Bharti’s advice, Deepak propagates Somi.