OMG!! Dipika Kakar and fight before 2 Weeks of Finale

TV’s controversial show Bigg Boss 12 is slowly moving towards Finale. In the meanwhile, the competition of all the contests present in the show is becoming very tight. At the same time, two weeks before the finale, there was a fight between Deepika and Sreesanth who had gathered a lot of discussion with her brother-in-law relationship.

This week’s nomination process has started in Big Boss 12. This week’s nomination process started through fire brigade task. After the sounding of this task, two people go inside this fire brigade. Inside the photo of the householder is taken. Burned photo of one of the contests with their mutual consent.

At present, today’s nomination process has been halfway. There will be three rounds of nomination task and the group will be changed in every round. The house of the bridegroom who burns more than three times, she will be nominated to be homeless from home this week. Other surviving members will win the direct Ticket to Finale. Before the nomination task, there was a strong fight between Sreesanth and Deepika.

Indeed, Sreesanth said to Deepika – I will get only 6 votes, he will also give me my house. He says that you all get millions of votes. Finale will be between KV (Karanveer Bohra) and Deepika. Both of these colors are faces of the Channel. Deepika is provoked from this point of view of Sreesanth and there is a tremendous scandal between the sisters of the show.

Let us tell you that Deepika, Sreesanth, Karanveer Bohra, Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary, and Somi Khan are now available for Finale. Rohit has been homeless from this week’s Bigg Boss house episode of Weekend. Rohit did wild card entry in the 5th week of Big Boss 12. In a short time, many people were friends in their house, so many people became enemies.