OMG!! Jasleen Matharu & Anup Jalota Relationship Disclose

Jasleen Matharu, who took entry with Anup Jalota in the Bigg Boss 12, became a contagious person and became homeless from the house last week’s eviction. Apart from Jasleen Matharu, Viñar Megha Dhade of the Marathi Big Boss also got a chance. After leaving the house of Big Boss, before going to the media, the first question was presented to Jasleen Matharu first to see what their relation with Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota was. On this question, Jasleen disclosed a tremendous bomb and revealed it. They say that there was a need for a bizarre pair in the Big Boss and we were going to be in the first Guru-Disciple duo but before that, I started this prank, on which Anup Jalota was also surprised.

Responding to a media reporter’s questions, Jasleen Matharu did justify disclosing about Anup Jalota. Jasleen explained the whole story on the stage before Salman Khan before taking an entry into the Big Boss.

He said, “Let me clear one thing that we went on stage (with Anoop Jalota) and announces that Jasleen is my disciple and he came to the stage. As soon as I went there (stage), I felt that a good prank would be on stage. This was my only idea, and then I said that for 3 years we are in the relationship.

After this Anoopji had such a reaction that what he said at the time. I thought he would defy that thing in a joke, but that did not happen. The whole mass was not cleared and went inside the house. Although we had been a guru-disciple in the couple.

What Jasleen Matharu was all about was very big in the Big Boss and was very much on the social media. Now Jasleen has told her a prank. At present, the Big Boss is left out for a few days. After the release of Jasleen-Megha, Big Boss is now left with Rumil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, Deepika Kakkar, Sreesanth, Rohit, Somi Khan, Karanvir Bohra and Surabhi Rana. To see who is the Top 5 Contestant in the Big Boss house at the end of the total 8