OMG!! Jasleen & Megha may be evicted this week

Even though Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Kyaar’ is still a day away, but fans are curious about who will be homeless from home this week. This time there are 5 Contestant nominated to be homeless from home. This week, Deepika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary, Jasleen Matharu, and Megha are nominated nominees. So let’s tell you before ‘Weekend’s War’ who will go out of the house this week.

Most of the fans seen in the nominated members to be homeless from the house, see Jasleen Matharu as a sixth contests. Even the contestants have taken the names of Jasleen Matharu several times in the weak contests many times. In this way most people feel that this time Jasleen can be out of the house. However, the voting list that has come up can certainly surprise the audience.

According to the figures of BiggBossFan, this week, Deepika Kakkar has got the highest votes. According to statistics, Deepika is at number one with 30.09% percent votes. Deepak Thakur is at second place with 24.45% votes. While Romil Chaudhary is at number three According to statistics, Romil Chaudhary got 24.13% percent votes. If you see the votes of Deepak and Romil, then the difference between the two votes is very low.

Jasleen Mathuru is at number five who got 12.98% percent votes this week. While the sixth number is Megha Dhade. Based on this voting list, this time the winner of Marathi ‘Big Boss’ from Megha Dhade can go out of the house at home. In fact, megha dhade took wild card entry in ‘Big Boss Season 12’. After the arrival of Megha in the show, there were speculations that he would be able to show some amazing, though it did not happen.

Megha has become an anonymous face in the house. Even Salman Khan had said to him that she was not seen anywhere in the house. Megha was seen spitting on the lamp in the house, apart from this, besides shoe shining was also seen. Looking at these figures, it seems that the audience did not like the way Megha’s behavior towards Deepak.