OMG!! Karan Johar was made of fun in the Bigg Boss Show

Salman Khan’s Most Popular TV reality show Bigg Boss is heading towards his last station. Only a week left in the show’s finale. The show is being considered as the last weekend on December 22nd. Which included the star cast of the upcoming movie Simba. From the film’s director Rohit Shetty to Leading star Sarah Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh, he looted the show. During this time, he made fun of Karan Johar.

According to the video, Bollywood mastermind actor Ranvir Singh jolted the set of the show. Actually, the stars of the show were starving Salman Khan. Salman asked Ranvir to do Karan Johar’s acting and dance. First of all Ranveer hesitated, then he danced to Karan Johar in his whimsical style.

In the video you will see that Ranveer Singh is singing Karan Johar on Radha Teri Chunari. During this Ranveer Singh was in the whole mood. Right on the stage, Rohit and Sara were also enjoying this view. Let me tell that Karan Johar is the producer of Simba.

According to our reports, it has been confirmed that Somi Khan will leave this beautiful house this weekend. But let us tell you that Bhojpuri singer Deepak Thakur, who had come to the show, had a heart attack on Somi Khan, then he would be the biggest victim of Somai’s death. Even Deepak repeatedly said in the show that he loves Somi Khan very much and he wants a similar girl to get married.

Explain that after being out of the show from Somi Khan, Karanveer, Deepika, Sreesanth, Rumil, Surabhi and Deepak are the only survivors. It is now believed that between the six, there is a war of the top five first. But let us tell you that Surabhi Rana has already achieved the final ticket.