OMG!!! Sreesanth Cried On Bigg Boss 12 Show (Check Why?)

The TV show Big Boss 12 gets many colors every day. After the nomination process on Monday, Captain Task has taken place this week. During this task, great political fluctuations have been noticed in the Big Boss. Meanwhile, Sreesanth and Deepika were crying and crying.

In this task, Rohit has become a big game changer. To become the captain of the house this week, Big Boss has done a snake task. Two teams for this task are Orange and Blue. There were Deepak, Surabhi, Romil, Karanveer and Somi in the Orange team, while there were Srishansh, Deepika, Megha and Jasleen in Blue. Task was operating.

In this task, the team will be defeated by both teams whose members are more in the stomach. During the task, Rohit has teamed up with the Orange team cheating on the Blue team. This has greatly increased the possibility of losing the Blue Team. At the same time, after the debate of Sreesanth and Srishti, Sreesanth started crying and crying.

Seeing weeping on Sreesanth, Deepika Kakkar could not stop her tears, and she recalled the events of the Weekend War episode, she also started crying. Let me tell you this week that including Deepika Kakkar, Rohit, Srishti, Jasleen, Megha and Deepak, this year, Narnik has been nominated to be homeless from home.

Talk about the same time this week the members of the safe will not be homeless from the house of Soumy, Surabhi and Sreesanth this time. Because of the house Captain, Romil cannot be homeless this week. Let me tell you that this time Shivasish has become homeless from the house of Big Boss. He came as a partner of Saurabh in the show.