OMG!! Sreesanth Trolled When Commenting Rohit Suchanti a Gay

In Big Boss 12, Sritham is one of the most popular contestants. Their different forms have been found in the house. Sometimes they start crying suddenly, they sometimes start to insist on going out of the house. Once again, Sreesanth had done some such acts that he started trolling on social media.

Actually, we will write a relationship in Bigg Boss house, Rohit Sucheti of the new and winner Megha Dhade of Marathi Big Boss Season 1 wild card entry. There was a stir in the atmosphere of the house after the arrival of both the constables. During this, Sreesanth says about Rohit: It should be avoided from home. Not only did Rohit’s jokes, Sreesanth said why he is wearing purple color shorts. She is gay. Not only this, Sreesanth jokes like Rohit and jokes.

On making such a joke of Sreesanth, Bigg Boss 11’s Contestant Development Gupta writes on Twitter that I am very sad when I saw Big Boss 12, so I wrote The Color Purple. Hopefully what I wrote, they reached the right people. It is important that we do not allow people to think like this.

One user wrote that Srishan was copying and showing that Rohit is gay because he is wearing purple color dresses. If they follow the IPL then they should know that the Kochi team’s dress also has the same color. What does it mean that all are gay?

Another user wrote that it is sad to see that Big Boss’s contentious is making Rohit’s joke as he is gay. Sreesanth looks like an idiot They did not expect such a kind. Such things are happening on a national channel in 2018.