OMG!!! Surbhi Rana Said Romil Chaudhary Not To Be Selfish

Big boss’s house yesterday (November 14) was furious. Funny twist appeared in this week’s luxury budget task In the luxury budget task, Rumi-Sreesanth was made a Big Boss hitman. During this time guns were seen in both hands and in the house there was seen dadagiri. Indeed, according to both of them, the members who are not eligible for this position will be able to get him out of the captaincy race.

Because of this task, there is a lot of confrontation among the households. The matter of which all are troubled is the breakthrough of Happy Club. Due to its solidarity, there has been a crack in the Happy Club, which has become safe from the nomination.

An angry Surabhi debate begins with the lamps with the behavior of the rumal in Captain Task. Action starts from Garden Area and reaches to the kitchen. Surabhi saw screaming as per his habit. In response to this, Deepak was seen saying ‘Shout Do not’ every time. Seeing the continuous fight growing, Sreesanth falls in the middle and tries to explain both.

Tomorrow is a day of wars all over. Because yesterday too Romil and Surbhi also pity. Surbhi tells Romil not to be a selfish and stay away from her because she is currently quite emotional. In such a situation, Shivashish tries to calm him (Surbhi). After this, Deepika starts shouting at Shiva. There is a quarrel between Mr. and Romil in the dining area.

Talking about the task, Hitman becomes a rumor and shriek in Shri. It is about this that he wants to kill Deepak and want to kill Romil and Somi. There is a lot of debate on this. On this, Big Boss comes in the middle and says that only Hitman can decide who to be killed. After this, Bigboss calls Mr and Rumil in the Confession Room and asks why they are not able to take that decision?

Big Boss says that Supari Sreesanth got it, in such a way he would have to take a decision. After killing the lamp, only Somi and Shiva survive in the game. Shri reveals that Shiva had made a deal to kill Somi. After all, only Shiva survives in the Captain’s race and because of the overpriced money, Romil is also in the race.