Somi Khan evicted revealed shocking things about Deepak & Romil

Somi Khan has been homeless at home just 7 days before the finale of ‘Bigg Boss‘. Somi Khan has done many revelations when she comes out of the house. Not only did Somi Khan talk about Deepak and his relationship but also made many disclosures about Romil Chaudhary. Along with this, who is going to be the winner of ‘Bigg Boss Season 12’?

Somi was asked that many things were being said out of the relationship between you and Romil. Your learning more than the romy was more visible on them. On this, Somi said – ‘When friendship is strong then it happens from both sides, whether it is romantic or someone else. Romil is not very expressive but I am very expressive for friends and for my people. Maybe from my side, that thing will be seen more out. When his wife came and asked a line, I understood what to do. ‘

Along with that, Soma talked about the relationship between himself and Lamp. Soma said – ‘I like lamp and I do show their feelings. I have said this in the show and still, I am saying. When asked Somi that Deepak and Romil are among the best friends. On this, Somi said, ‘Both are good friends.’

Along with this, Somi Khan said, “Sometimes your rapport with someone goes fast. They understand your things easily and you understand their talk quickly. My synergy between me and Romil was good. Although Deepak, Romil and Surbhi are all my good friends. ‘ Somi was asked that there was not much bonding with Dipika and Sreesanth. What is the reason?

Somi said – ‘When Sreesanth is running away I am leaving the house. So everyone would say repeatedly sit down. I think to leave them If any one has come to the show then it has not come at all to escape. Everyone has to reach ahead. I did not like to emphasize those things. However, my relationship with Deepika and Sreesanth was also good. ‘

Somi Khan said, “As a winner, I look at Deepak. Whether to perform a task or to have fun, the lamp was the best. Whatever the call or guest was saying, it was revealed to him that follow Deepak’s fan following is very good. People like him a lot. I see Deepak as a winner. ‘