Sreesanth Again Exposed Harbhajan Singh On Bigg Boss Show

In Big Boss 12, Sreesanth keeps doing something or something that remains in the discussion. From the very first day, when Sreesanth had been in the headlines for an attempt to flee from the house, he would have been in dispute with the rest of the contingents of the house about the obstinate attitude. On Thursday, during the Captain Task, something happened that Sreesanth remained.

Indeed, the claimants made to the claimant, Surabhi Rana and Deepak Thakur had to give breaking news at home from time to time. The commentator who gives the most breaking news will become the next captain of the house. In such a situation, Srishna Surbhi supports Rana and tells him that I will disclose a secret about which I have never spoken to this day.

Sreesanth, on the ‘slap-up’ with Harbhajan, says, “Today I want to tell the truth of this whole incident. Yes, I was very excited, I believe this. I tell you what happened during that time. After the match, I turned towards Harbhajan Singh to join hands. On the other hand Harbhajan Singh, rather than shaking hands, strongly punches the cheek, can not call it slap.

Sreesanth repeatedly says that I have never spoken about this before, while Harbhajan Singh has repeatedly mentioned this incident in Interview. While Sreesanth was speaking this way, on the other hand, a video of his on social media started becoming viral. These videos are from the year 2013. In a show of director-choreographer Farah Khan, Sreesanth, Ritesh Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi reached.

At that time, Sreesanth also mentions this whole incident and points out that this happened due to the mistake of both of them. After coming to the front of the video, he started trolling on social media as if he had been talking about it earlier, why did he lie in the Big Boss that he had never spoken to this before.

Let me tell that in the first season of IPL in 2008, there was a fierce fight between Sreesanth and cricketer Harbhajan Singh. During a match, Sreesanth started crying, angry Harbhajan Singh gave him a slap. After the incident, Sreesanth again started crying on the field. At that time, this news had given a lot of headlines. After this incident, Harbhajan was banned for 11 matches. They told him a great mistake of his career.