Surbhi Rana evicted in Finale Week | Angry on Sreesanth’s wife

Bigg boss 12 has seen a major reversal in the episode broadcast on Thursday. At the last stop of the show, the Midweek aviation surprised everyone. Surabhi Rana, who is being considered as a strong contestant of the house, has shown the way out. After which, now Romil, Sreesanth, Deepika, Deepak, and Kannavir are among the top 5 races.

Surabhi Rana was one of the loud players in the house. She was often debated with Sreesanth. Many times, both of them gave a good deal of lies to each other. When Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari had come into the house, she took Surbhi Rana in her arms. Bhuvneshwari said that the way she targets Sreesanth is wrong. Now when Surabhi Rana is out, she has given a reply to Bhuvneshwari.

Surabhi said that ‘Everyone has the right to have their views and I respect it. Just one thing from Sreesanth’s wife, I want to say that those who have glasses should not throw stones at others’ homes. I was highlighted more I take it in a positive way. ‘

On returning to Romil and Sreesanth, Surbhi said that ‘Romil was very good at the beginning but when I came to know him, he is very diplomatic. I am clear and fast, I do not have this because of this. I am proud of myself. He did the work he did, but I have fathomed myself among all of these.

Since Surbhi took an entry in the house, she was targeting Sreesanth only. So on the social media, Sreesanth’s fans started trolling Surbhi. Let me tell you that Sreesanth’s fans used to support Surabhi too. So Sreesanth is currently running on top.