Teejay Sindhu Karanvir Vohra’s Wife Wrote an Open Letter To BB Makers

In the episode of Big Boss 12 Friday, Karanveer Bohra has become the captain of the house this week. Salman Khan came in War of the Weekend and started making fun of Karanveer. Not only this week, Salman has been making fun of Karanveer before. Sometimes, on body-shaking, they ever wear their clothes. Because of this, Salman was also criticized on social media as to why he takes Karanveer every week on target. Now this time, Kanveer’s wife TJ Sindhu broke up on Salman.

TJ Sindhu wrote an open letter on social media account and questioned the makers. T.J. wrote that after watching Sunday’s Weekend episode on Sunday, I want to have some ideas. First of all, let me tell you that I do not know if I or someone has insulted you in some way, I apologize for that.

T.J. further writes, ‘It sounds like you are angry with KV but we do not know what it is about. KV is made fun of every week and it is a job to throw away their freshness. KV has been a hardworking actor and has done a lot of good work in the industry. He is a Respected, Award winning actor and a good man. He has worked hard to get these resolutions, whom he should respect. ‘

‘In the Big Boss I have seen that double standard is adopted. When others make fun of wearing Rohit’s purple shorts, KV raises questions. Each week, he is joking about wearing KV in the weekend war. Her hair, her clothes, her look. It is embarrassing to be making fun of anyone’s clothes and clothes. ‘

Karanvir’s wife said, “From the very first day KV has respected the format of the show while some others do not do it. He never tried to leave the show. Neither did he speak against the Big Boss or the channel, nor did anybody abusive, in every task, Kevin gives his best and whenever a mistake happens, apologize.

TJ further wrote- ‘I can understand that some jokes but this is a bit more. The people of the film industry are also unhappy with such behavior against KV. I would be happy if there was any clarification on this. ‘ Now to see whether Karanveer’s wife comes with any statement from Big Boss or Salman Khan on the reaction like this.

Letter Wrote By Teejay Sindhu to Bigg Boss Makers