Wow!!! Salman and Govinada Will Rock Today- Weekend Ka Waar Special

In the show of the third weekend of the reality show Bigg Boss 12, Bollywood’s Most Handsome and Great Dancer Actor Govinda will be seen. During this time he will be very happy at home. According to Voot’s video, Salman and Govinda will spend the night sleeping on one bed and dance in the morning instead of the Big Boss dance.

After this, Govinda takes the name of Shahrukh in the show and says that Shahrukh Khan is nominated. After this, Govinda looks hungry and he talks to order food. Govinda has a food list in hand, which she speaks very fast …

Salman and Govinda dance to the song “Do You Wanna Partner” and “Big Mian Ki Mune” songs of the film ‘Partner’ at home and go to ‘Any Disco Go’. After this, Salman plays a game from the house owners in front of Govinda. Salman Khan says something like Deepak Thakur that all the villagers are surprised.

This video also shows Govinda with Salman Khan. In the video, Salman Khan is telling Deepak Thakur that you have to sell Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu in this task as Pumpkin and Chhuri.

Deepak Thakur first worn the knife-poster Jaslyn, after which the pumpkin Anup Jalota has to do. During this time, Salman Anoop and Jasleen are saying that whenever the Chhurry runs, the Pumpkin is cut. In the video, Deepak Thakur is showing a tremendous attack on both of them.

Deepak, for the first time, says that both of them are the product, they also lose their sayings. Only then Salman Anup says for Jalota that this is the first pumpkin that has a passion for cutting it with a knife. As shown in the video, Anup and Jasleen are surprised when they hear Deepak Thakur’s words.

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