Wow!!! Surbhi Rana Wins Ticket To Finale In Bigg Boss 12

The Big Boss 12 final has now begun, and in this case, the new challenges are being offered to the contestant to reach the finals. Surbhi Rana has become the new Captain of the house after taking a hard fight at the school bus luxury task last Wednesday. Along with this he has got a ticket for Finale …

Explain that even before the school bus luxury task, Big Boss had announced that who will win this task, he will not only become the next captain of the house but will also be included in the show’s Top 5 Contestants. Also, the prize money decreased in the last task will also increase. Explain that since this task successfully, the prize money of the show has now reached 45 lakhs 35 thousand.

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Explain that Rohit, Somi and Surbhi were left in the bus at the end of the task. But due to Somi’s exit from the task, Rohit and Surbhi became claimants for this week’s caption. But it is being told that Surabhi has achieved the capability to beat Rohit and has reached the final. He has joined the Top 5 Contestants of the Finals.

According to our reports, Surbhi is going to be the new captain of the house. Even earlier Surbhi has been the Captain of the house During that time, Deepika and Sreesanth supported her, although at home, there were frequent wars between the two at home. But Deepika did not look happy with the captions of Surabhi. In such a situation, what will be the status of Deepika, when Surabhi becomes the Captain again, it will be a matter of seeing. Let us tell you that there is a brother-sister relationship between Big Boss’s house between Deepika and Sreesanth.

In the end, let me tell you that members nominated to be homeless from the house last week will remain in the cantonment of the nomination this week. It includes the names of Romil, Deepak, Deepika, Jasleen and Megha.